中国计算力学大会暨国际华人计算力学大会2018 第一轮通知

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Chinese Conference on Computational Mechanics in conjunction with
International Symposium on Computational Mechanics, 2018
(CCCM – ISCM 2018)
First Round Announcement
Dear friends and colleagues,
It is our great honor and pleasure to announce that Chinese Conference on Computational Mechanics in conjunction with International Symposium on Computational Mechanics of 2018 (CCCM-ISCM 2018) will be held in the International Conference Hotel of Nanjing, Nanjing, China, in August 19-23, 2018.
The CCCM-ISCM 2018 is organized by Chinese Association of Computational Mechanics (CACM) and International Chinese Association for Computational Mechanics (ICACM). And it is locally organized by Hohai University and Jiangsu Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Nanjing is one of the historical and cultural capital cities in ancient times and bears the reputation of the Capital of Ten Dynasties of China, being since the year 229 AD the capital of Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, Southern Tang, Ming, Taiping Kingdom and Republic of China subsequently.
We sincerely invite experts, colleagues and students, in the fields of computational mechanics research and development, to join us. In this event, recent achievements by Chinese scholars could be demonstrated and exhibited, in order to promote further the developments of computational mechanics and their engineering applications.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Nanjing in August, 2018. We believe that you will enjoy the wide variety of activities of the CCCM-ISCM 2018, as well as your stay in this elegant city.
CCCM-ISCM 2018欢迎您!南京欢迎您!
The Topics Include会议主题包括
1 Novel Theories, Models and Methods on
Computational Mechanics
2 Structural Analysis and Numerical Simulation 结构分析与数值仿真
3 Computational Fluid Mechanics 计算流体力学
4 Computational Nanomechanics 计算纳米力学
5 Multiphysics Problems 多场耦合问题建模与分析
6 Multiscale Modelling and Simulation 多尺度建模与计算
7 Biomechanics and Mechanobiology 生物力学与力生物学模拟
8 Heat Transfer and Combustion 热传导与燃烧模拟
9 Geomechanics and Geoengineering 岩土力学与岩土工程计算
10 Manufacturing and Processing Simulation 制造与加工过程仿真
11 Composites and Smart Materials 复合材料与智能材料
12 Environmental Mechanics 环境力学建模与计算
13 Nonlinear Dynamics 非线性动力学及仿真
14 Optimization for Materials and Structures 材料与结构的优化
15 Inverse Problems 反问题与反分析
16 Uncertainty and Stochastic Analysis 不确定性与随机分析
17 Damage, Fracture and Fatigue Analysis 损伤、断裂与疲劳分析
18 Analyses for Safety and Catastrophic Failure of
Important Infrastructure
19 Mechanism and Numerical Simulation of Materials with Defects 含缺陷材料的力学演化规律与数值模拟
20 Meshless and Particle Methods 无网格粒子类方法
21 Algorithms and Software 算法与软件
22 High Performance Computing 高性能计算
23 Reliability and Error Estimation 可靠性与误差估计
24 Advanced Discretization Techniques 先进离散技术
25 Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications 人工智能及其应用
26 Imaging and Visualization 图形图像与可视化
28 Boundary Element Method and Its Applications 边界元方法及工程应用
29 Other Computational Mechanics Problems 其它计算力学问题
Conference Date and Venue会议时间与地点
Conference Date: August 19-23, 2018
Conference Venue: International Conference Hotel – Nanjing
Conference Organization 会议组织机构
1、Co-Chairmen 大会共同主席
庄  茁 ZHUANG Zhuo 郑耀 ZHENG Yao
章  青 ZHANG Qing    
2、Scientific Advisory Committee科学顾问委员会 (按姓氏首字母)
程耿东 CHENG Gengdong 崔俊芝 CUI Junzhi
段宝岩 DUAN Baoyan 韩大建 HAN Dajian
林家浩 LIN Jiahao 隋允康 SUI Yunkang
姚振汉 YAO Zhenhan 袁明武 YUAN Mingwu
袁  驷 YUAN Si 钟万勰 ZHONG Wanxie
卓家寿 ZHUO Jiashou    
3、Academic Committee 学术委员会 (按姓氏首字母)
蔡元奇 CAI Yuanqi (China) 曹礼群 CAO Liqun (China)
曹茂森 CAO Maosen (China) 岑  松 CEN Song (China)
陈飚松 CHEN Biaosong (China) 陈俊杉 CHEN Chuin-Shan (Taiwan, China)
陈建军 CHEN Jianjun (China) 陈俊贤 CHEN Jiun-Shyan (USA)
陈  璞 CHEN Pu (China) 陈  文 CHEN Wen (China)
陈  震 CHEN Zhen (USA) 陈正宗 CHEN Zhengzong (Taiwan, China)
程宏达 CHENG Alexander H D (USA) 崔芳森 CUI Fangsen (Singapore)
冯淼林 FENG Miaolin (China) 冯云田 FENG Yuntian (UK)
冯志强 FENG Zhiqiang (France) 符  松 FU Song (China)
干  湧 GAN Yong (China) 高效伟 GAO Xiaowei (China)
苟晓凡 GOU Xiaofan (China) 顾元通 GU Yuantong (Australia)
官忠伟 GUAN Zhongwei (UK) 郭  然 GUO Ran (China)
郭  旭 GUO Xu (China) 韩  旭 HAN Xu (China)
何颖波 HE Yingbo (China) 胡  宁 HU Ning (China)
胡  平 HU Ping (China) 黄  丹 HUANG Dan (China)
姚伟彬 IU Vai Pan (Macau, China) 朱建文 JU Woody J W (USA)
康国政 KANG Guozheng (China) 亢  战 KANG Zhan (China)
梁以德 LEUNG Andrew YT (Hong Kong, China) 李晨锋 LI Chenfeng (UK)
李  刚 LI Gang (China) 李启兵 LI Qibing (China)
李  青 LI Qing (Australia) 李少凡 LI Shaofan (USA)
李世海 LI Shihai (China) 李锡夔 LI Xikui (China)
李跃明 LI Yueming (China) 李志山 LI Zhishan (China)
林绍忠 LIN Shaozhong (China) 凌道盛 LING Daosheng (China)
刘桂荣 LIU Guirong (USA) 刘锦茂 LIU Jinmao (Hong Kong, China)
刘进贤 LIU Jinxian (Taiwan, China) 刘谋斌 LIU Moubin (China)
廖荣锦 LIU Wing Kam (USA) 刘轶军 LIU Yijun (USA)
刘占芳 LIU Zhanfang (China) 刘子顺 LIU Zishun (China)
卢伟真 LU Jane W Z (Hong Kong, China) 马汉东 MA Hangdong (China)
马庆位 MA Qingwei (UK) 莫启明 MOK K. M. (Macau, China)
宁建国 NING Jianguo (China) 牛抑尧 NIU Yang-Yao (Taiwan, China)
欧阳华江 OUYANG Huajiang (UK) 潘敬哲 PAN Jingzhe (UK)
彭向和 PENG Xianghe (China) 阮家荣 RUAN Jiarong (Taiwan, China)
石根华 SHI Genhua (USA) 石广玉 SHI Guangyu (China)
宋崇民 SONG Chongmin (Australia) 苏  成 SU Cheng (China)
孙庆平 SUN Qingping (Hong Kong, China) 孙树立 SUN Shuli (China)
佘锦炎 SZE KY (Hong Kong, China) 唐春安 TANG Chunan (China)
唐洪武 TANG Hongwu (China) 唐少强 TANG Shaoqiang (China)
田  荣 TIAN Rong (China) 铁  兵 TIE Bing (France)
仝立勇 TONG Liyong (Australia) 万德成 WAN Decheng (China)
王东东 WANG Dongdong (China) 王福军 WANG Fujun (China)
王  媛 WANG Yuan (China) 吴锤结 WU Chuijie (China)
吴恒安 WU Hengan (China) 邢会林 XING Huilin (Australia)
邢誉峰 XING Yufeng (China) 严波 YAN Bo (China)
杨秉恩 YANG Bingen (USA) 杨永斌 YANG Yeong-Bin (Taiwan, China)
余天堂 YU Tiantang (China) 张传增 ZHANG Chuanzeng (Germany)
张洪武 ZHANG Hongwu (China) 张  雄 ZHANG Xiong (China)
张卫红 ZHANG Weihong (China) 赵丽滨 ZHAO Libin (China)
4、Local Organizing Committee当地组织委员会
王  媛 WANG Yuan 陈军冰 CHEN Junbing
章  青 ZHANG Qing 曹茂森 CAO Maosen
黄  丹 HUANG Dan 余天堂 YU Tiantang
邬  萱 WU Xuan 张健飞 ZHANG Jianfei
王  磊 WANG Lei 夏晓舟 XIA Xiaozhou
信志强 XIN Zhiqiang 胡  丰 HU Feng
徐业鹏 XU Yepeng    
Paper Submission征稿要求
A paper template could be downloaded from conference website:
Important Dates 重要日期
Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2018
投稿截止日期: 2018年4月15日
Abstract Acceptance Notice: April 30th, 2018
录用通知日期: 2018年4月30日
Early-Bird Registration: April 30th, 2018
提前缴费日期: 2018年4月30日
Hotel Reservation Deadline: June 15th, 2018
房间预订截止期: 2018年6月15日
On-Site Registration Time: August 19th, 2018
参会报到日期: 2018年8月19日全天
Conference Date: August 19-23th, 2018
会 议 时 间: 2018年8月19-23日
联系人:胡丰老师 13913852130;徐业鹏老师 13584002273
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